The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

As I take my baby steps into the world of blogging, I thank each one of you who took time to go through my blog. These days, the virtual world is as interesting as if not more than the real world we live in.

I am a novice in this field and am here to learn, share and create something interesting in this ever growing virtual world. Sharing is what I plan to do more than anything else. Sharing my feelings, experiences, opinions and doing this on the internet where you are but a speck in a sand dune is the biggest challenge. But, what’s life without challenges?!?

Talking of challenges, I’ve recently taken up a personal challenge. I had put on a lot of weight in the past few years. I had given up coz I never thought I would gain so much. I thought there’s no looking back…I can never get back in shape. But….

I accidentally stumbled upon videos of an online trainer on YouTube…she’s just too amazing. I know what you are thinking. Oh!! here she goes…right?!? But wait. No, she doesn’t charge a penny. 90% of her videos are available free of cost. You can choose the videos according to your body type and start following them. It’s like you have a personal trainer at home…that too without spending a dime. Why does she do it?? What she gets out of it?? I really don’t know…but she’s been an angel in my life. I lost almost 5inches in  just 2mths by following her videos.

Ok ok…I get it…She’s “Lucy Wyndham Read”. Search for her on YouTube and you’ll find a huge collection of her videos to choose and follow. Believe me when I say, she doesn’t charge a penny and her workouts are just amazing. She believes in toning the body. No weight training, no expensive supplements. Just the workouts and a healthy diet is what she recommends. Although I don’t follow the later because I am a huge foodie. But still, I saw some very visible changes in myself.

I hope this blog reaches at least a few who could benefit from those videos. Here, I am adding a link to one of her videos so it is easy for anybody who wants to have a look.


Signing off for today…


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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