Workouts by Lucy that I follow…

Hello Everyone…

So, my journey into the world of blogging started yesterday and I happened to write a lot about Lucy and her workouts. I’ve benefited from her videos immensely and I would love to see more people taking advantage of those videos and transform into healthier, fitter and more confident versions of themselves.

2 months into the workouts and I started fitting into dresses I wudn’t fit into in the past 4yrs. That’s a big achievement for me. Not only that, my husband says I’ve become more positive and my response to his jibes at me have changed for good…he says he’s very happy to see me in such a happy place. Even my daughter days “Mamma, u look like u were in those old pics”. I cannot thank Lucy enough for posting those videos and changing my perceptions about workouts and their effect on your body, mind and soul.

Ok, so to begin with, let me make it very clear. Do not overdo initially or ur body won’t be able to take it n u’ll lose interest. We don’t want that…do we?? So, what I suggest is start with short workouts and keep adding on to them once u are comfortable with those.

Having said that, the second most important thing is for U to know ur body type Only then will u be able to choose workouts that will target ur problem areas and show u results.

Here is how I started these workouts….I started them on the 8th of June 2018 and by July end I already lost more than 4 inches.

Week 1 : I started with  The 7 minute 7 Day challenge for losing belly fat (inch loss). This workout basically is for 7 minutes as the name suggests. It contains 7 moves each spanning a minute long. The first time I attempted this workout, I was like “This is it…I can’t workout more than this”. (worked out all 7 days since it was just for 7mins) (Results were very much visible but by the end of 7 days, I wanted more). So,

Week 2 : I added The 7 minute 7 Day Pear Shape Challenge (Totaling to -14 min of workout in week 2) ( Started taking 1 day as rest day) This workout targets the problem areas of a typical Pear Shape body. The thighs, legs and the booty. I was amazed at the results after the second week. This encouraged me to add more workouts to my schedule.

Week 3 : I added 14 min Lower Body ( Total : 14 + 14 = 28 min of workout every day + 1 rest day) . This workout has 12 moves spanning 50 seconds each and by the end of it u can really feel ur the effect on ur lower body. The results were very much in my face and I was on cloud nine.

Now, the workouts I was following were all for the Pear Shape body. So, the results were visible on the target areas. But I needed more toning in the Ab and belly region to get rid of my belly fat. So, come week 4,

Week 4 : I added 10 min Ab workout. This workout has 10 different moves to strengthen ur Ab muscles. Not very easy but if u’ve been working out for a while it’s not very tough either. (Total : 28 + 10 = 38 min every day + 1 rest day)

This helped my Abs but my Belly fat still needed some work. This is when I realized that probably mine wasn’t the typical pear shape body. So,

Week 5 : I decided to add the 7 minute 7 Day challenge for Apple Shape bodies. N Bingo!! This showed results in the belly area as well. Now, I got addicted to Lucy’s workouts and had to try more. (Total : 38 + 7 = 45 min workout everyday + 1 rest day)

Week 6 : Added 3 min Ab Routine to lose Belly fat. This workout doesn’t make u sweat but definitely gets u results. Since the length of the routines increased, I increased the rest days as well. Now, the workouts lasted 5 days with 2 days as rest days(not consecutive though…1 rest day on the 3rd day of the week and 1 on the 7th) ( Total : 48 + 3 = 51 min everyday + 2 rest days)

Now, I wanted to give some attention to arm toning as well. So,

Week 7 : I went on to add 7 minute Arm & waist toning workout. It’s got a collection of simple but very effective moves to tone ur arms and waist. ( Total : 51 + 7 = 58 min workout for 5 days + 2 rest days)

Week 8 : This time, I added another 5 minute Ab routine. ( Total : 58 + 5=63 min workout for 5 days + 2 rest days)

Ok, now that I’ve talked about all the workouts I followed, it’s time to show u the results as well. Am uploading a few before and after pics that I clicked to keep track of my transformation. Have a look and decide for urself. N yes, all the workouts I followed are available for free on Lucy’s channel.



Here, I am adding a link that will lead you to Lucy’s channel on YouTube. Hope this write up reaches and helps at least a few who are willing to workout with the help of a trainer  that too at the comforts of their home and like I said earlier without paying a dime from their pocket. So, ALL THE BEST.

Let me know if u like this post. It will further encourage me to share more such experiences of mine. N yes, here’s the link that will lead you to Lucy’s channel. Just copy and paste it on your address bar. 

Happy workouts. 

C u soon….


3 thoughts on “Workouts by Lucy that I follow…

  1. Thanks for the video link. I’m starting back on the exercise path and her walking video looks like it will be best for me right now. I’m a new blogger too since May. One tip I took in May is to use the Reader and search on subjects you like. Check out their posts and like but also give a meaningful comment that shows you read their post. It also stated not to add any links to your site unless they ask you to do so. Good luck and just keep posting!

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