7 Everyday Foods that can help you lose Belly Fat

We have all been through a phase where we think we are eating right but the results say something else. Although I am not a person who would ever go on a diet, I don’t mind choosing food that tastes good and also helps me lose some belly fat. I have read about diets that recommend a complete ban on carbs, fats, sugar, salt, spices….I mean…do we have anything left to eat??

I believe one should have everything but in moderation. Too much of anything is not good. I also believe that you should be able enjoy the food you are having to be able gain from it. If you just starve yourself, you might lose some pounds but you will not enjoy the process as much.

So, here I am listing out a few everyday foods that can help you lose belly fat with out compromising on your palate.

  1. EGGS : Sanjeev-Kapoor-Egg-Recipes-9We all know that we can prepare a variety of dishes using eggs. Eggs are a good source of protein and have a low glycemic index and hence take longer to digest and get absorbed into our blood stream. They are very filling. In fact, they are ideal to kickstart your day. 2 eggs for breakfast can keep u full for a long time.
  2. BERRIES : BerryWorld-Mixed-BerriesRed, black, blue all the berries help you lose belly fat because the chemicals which give them their color also aid in fighting belly fat. The number of dishes that u can make using these delicious fruits is limitless.
  3. WATER :18fsfy70t9rxwjpg Water is the elixir of life. It flushes toxins from our bodies. Prevents dehydration and fluid retention. Having enough water can also reduce your sugar cravings which in turn helps u fight the belly fat. Keep having water frequently. If you are feeling thirsty that means you have already started dehydrating and your body is sending you warning signals . Not having enough water leads to constipation and bloating as well which is not a very pretty condition as we know.
  4. ALMONDS : We all know almonds are very good for our health. almondsThey are a good source of vitamin-e n protein, they also have a number of other vitamins and minerals that help our body. Not only that, Almonds also stabilize our blood sugar levels and prevent cravings.
  5. YOGURT/CURD :                      yogurt1                                     This is my favorite food. I cannot live without it. It is very soothing on your tummy and aids digestion. It has probiotic properties which help the production of useful bacteria in our systems. Yogurt/curd also prevents bloating and stuffiness. Yogurt is a little more thick and acidic than curd and can contain artificial flavors. Whereas curd is not as thick or acidic and has natural flavors.
  6. TOMATOES : 1371616351150                Tomatoes are not only good for your skin but they also fight belly fat. They reduce water retention and controls our appetite. You can have them raw or cooked and can use them in a wide range of recipes. I use tomatoes practically in everything and everyday.
  7. OATS : I know, they don’t sound too exciting. But you can make them interesting. bigstock-Oat-Flakes2-72513310Try making some porridge, upma, dosa, cutlet, you can even use them smoothies. Oats give you energy and improve metabolism. They reduce hunger pangs and keep u going throughout the day.

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