The Army Wife

army wife

The Army wife is a special being. She’s smart, beautiful, dutiful, loving, talented (oh…the Army teaches her everything…right from cooking to painting to interiors to packing to event management), resourceful (well, does she have a choice??…one has to be resourceful in order to set up a house in the most unheard of places, dismantle everything, pack, unpack and set up again…and repeat it every 2yrs) everything a wife should be and more because life has taught her many a things.

She learned to be tough (she has to be…the husband cud be with her or away…when he’s away, she needs to be tough for herself, her kids n her family and when he’s with her, she’s bracing herself for the times when he won’t) , independent (that’s understood…isn’t it…how else will she handle her responsibilities??), helpful (she gets all the help she needs from her seniors, peers and juniors and reciprocates it when it’s her turn), frugal at the same time presentable (be it her house, her attire, her child’s turnout, her parties…always presentable and always within budget). When the husband is away, she needs to be extra careful coz she’ll be running the house at two different places and within the same budget. She’s a fashionista and has a panache for style. She’s very fond of shopping. She knows where to find the best stuff that too at the best price n if she’s new to the station, the other ladies will be more than obliged to fill her in.

She’s proud of her husband, his job, his undeterred devotion to his country, his motto in life i.e., “Service Before Self”…although this means the family always comes second in his priority list. She knows that her husband has a tough job and ensures he doesn’t get bogged down by domestic issues. These are some things which the poor guy can do away with and she supports him without a second thought.  Her husband may be a tough soldier but would be completely lost and lonely without her. He may not be too expressive(oh!! the army men suck at it…) but he expects her to know that she rules his heart no matter what (well, it’s understood…isn’t it…why else wud he marry her?!?). Let me be very clear, the army man may not be too expressive but he is the most loving, caring, loyal, protective and proud husband u’ll ever find and so, she chooses to overlook that minor flaw.

When the husband is away on a field posting, she puts on a brave front for the sake of her kids and her family…although she feels extremely fragile and vulnerable herself. In fact she takes it on to her to be both a father and a mother to her kids and a son and a daughter-in-law to his parents. She’s the one who holds the fort for him. Probably that’s the reason they jokingly say that an Army Wife is always one rank a head of her husband. And god forbid the lady has to deal with a tragedy, she does it just like a hero. I’ve seen ladies who picked themselves up after the most devastating tragedies of their life and moved on to conquer the world. I admire them each and everyday. They are an inspiration to the whole world.

She considers it an honor to be married to her soldier. And she’s proud of her illustrious  family…The Army…So, the next time you meet an Army wife smile at her, exchange a few pleasantries if you can. Please don’t judge her if she comes out to be a little aloof. She has tuned herself that way. She can never be too careful when it comes to her husband and kids. It takes a lot to be a soldier’s wife n I am proud to be a part of this amazing family called “The Indian Army”.

A small write up in honor of all the Army Wives out there…Love u all Soul Sisters…

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