People say “Blood is thicker than water”…with all due respect, I beg to differ. Nothing or no one beats a true friend. U get to be urself. She/he knows how crazy u r n still choose to be your best buddy. For me that means a lot. We have a lot of good friends. Whose company we enjoy, whom we trust, who we love talking to, who we love to go shopping with. But, there is always that one friend with whom u can do all of this n more. We all have our 3am friends. Don’t we??

I have one such friend who means the world to me. I don’t know if I ever told her this. But ,for some reason, I wanted to do it today. She’s sweet, caring, crazy, affectionate and the best part…she doesn’t judge me. Friends don’t do that. Do they?? I don’t speak to her as often (we all are busy doing something important that we often forget to give as much importance to the most important relationships in our life)

But, whenever I do, it’s like we never were out of touch. Be it days or months, it always feels like yesterday. She knows me in n out. Probably knows more abt me than I do n I am happy that she feels the same abt me too. We r both crazy, affectionate and mutually indispensable.

I haven’t spoken to her at length in a while but she knows that she is always close to my heart. By the way, this crazy friend of mine is not too active on the social media. Says, “I wud rather speak to u for 2mins than WhatsApp u”. Makes sense…

I know she might not even read this post but hey that doesn’t mean I shudn’t post it. That’s what the internet is for…isn’t it??

So friends, why not take some time for that crazy friend of urs who means the world to u. Everybody loves to hear it once in a while. Nothing beats the feeling that u r loved and appreciated. N to hear it from the people who matter makes a world of difference.

Today, I want to thank all my dear friends who have touched my life in someway or the other. I am blessed to have u guys in my life. Thank u for being an invaluable part of my journey. Ur presence makes it beautiful, interesting, fun n worthwhile. Love u all.


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