18 Ways to read “The Bhagawad Gita”


My inspiration for today is a video shared to me on WhatsApp by one of my friends. When I clicked the play button, I never knew I would be in for such an abundance of knowledge, information and inspiration. Thank you for the forward Sirisha. Loved it.

Although, “The Bhagawad Gita” is considered the holy book of Hindus, I never read it completely. Only bits and pieces here and there. I always felt it is too philosophical and way beyond my understanding.

For those unaware, “The Gita or The Bhagawad Gita” is basically a conversation between Lord Krishna and Prince Arjuna. It took place in the backdrop of a war that was fought between the Kauravas and Pandavas who were cousins. The Pandavas were the virtuous lot and The Kauravas were not. But, when the time came to fight his cousins, Arjuna loses his nerve. He says, “How can I fight my own blood?” and the conversation that ensued between Lord Krishna and Arjuna forms the essence of “The Gita”. Lord Krishna being a friend and mentor of Arjuna coaxes, chides, dares, reassures, basically tries every trick in the book to get Arjuna ready for the war.

Coming to the video, the way this speaker (I am sorry, I don’t know her name.) explained it, I am inspired to read it NOW. She says,” “The Gita” shouldn’t be read just as a religious book but instead as a book on Life itself”. She explained 18 different ways in which the book can be read.

  1. A Life Guide.
  2. Guide on the art of civilized debate.
  3. Handy Manual in The Best Practices in Friendship.
  4. The Essential Companion Volume to Growing Up – For Children.
  5. The Art of Real War.
  6. Insiders Guide to Indian Mind.
  7. Killer App for Contentment.
  8. Original Monograph on Free Trade.
  9. Ultimate Equal Rights Manifesto.
  10. Great How to guide to teachers trying to teach a complicated subject to reluctant students.
  11. Guide on How to write a riveting Best Seller?
  12. Cautionary Tale on “Be careful what you wish for”
  13. Nutrition Guide – Don’t lose your mind, lose your diet.
  14. Original Tree Huggers Handbook.
  15. An Aptitude Test and Career Guide
  16. Indian Book of Baby Names
  17. Mathematical Tertius on Karma.
  18. Song which says Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Here, I am attaching the video that was forwarded to me. It’s quite interesting. I loved the way in which the speaker articulated the whole subject that too within 10 minutes. The way she tried to simplify and at the same time highlight the essence of “The Gita” is extremely commendable. I have become an official fan of hers and am in the process of googling for more such inspiring lectures by her.

Do click on the play button if you want to be inspired too. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.



Feeling Inspired.


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