Note to Self – Shall I, Shan’t I??…

First things First,

Happy Independence Day to all !!!


This post is all about self motivation. 🙂

So, It’s time to move again. The Army has decided that we’ve had enough of this station and so we were told to make a move.

In the past week or so, it has become extremely difficult to fit in my workouts into my schedule and I am just not liking it. The packing is at full swing and by the time I’m done with the packing for the day, I feel too tired to workout. I tried working out and then start with the packing but that’s effecting my packing schedule. I start feeling sleepy after a while. Sigh!! :< :<

To top it, I also seem to have a knack to pick up the perfect timing 🙄🙄 (eyes rolling) to start blogging. Ain’t I just brilliant?!? And not to forget the cooking in between. Mamma… :-/ 😦


Waking up to the prospect of a day filled with packing isn’t very encouraging to say the least 😥 😥 . The whole process of stacking things, vacuum sealing them (why??…you never know how long they are gonna stay in those boxes…generally 2-3mths, that is, if we are lucky, until we are allotted a new place we can call our home), stuffing them in the boxes, noting the contents of the box, forgetting something, taking everything out to check where it is, noting it down, then stuffing everything back in…isn’t very welcoming. Is it??

Now, the problem is, I don’t feel like packing if I don’t workout and I feel sleepy if I do. What am I to do..?!? How do I do it?? How am I to motivate myself to do all the tasks at hand?!? The best solution that came to my head was…”First, vent it out…”. What better way to vent my feelings than to write something about it in my own blog while having some junk?!? Junk food always seems to brighten my day. Anyways…back to “How do I do it??” 🤔🤔

Considering the fact that I don’t at all feel like packing if I don’t workout, “shan’t I?!?” isn’t really an option I want to explore. I think I shall…

  1. Plan no Finish my workout before anything else.
  2. Have something.
  3. Start packing for the day.
  4. Take a break. (Cook the lunch n eat)
  5. Take some rest.
  6. Go back to packing again.
  7. Have the dinner.
  8. Sleep

Sounds workable to me 🙂 🙂 . What do you think?? Please do give me your inputs.



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