A Beginner’s Take On Blogging…Part 1



Alright, so I’m a beginner who’s trying her hand at blogging for the first time and is finding it difficult to find audience for her posts.

I am sure there are many like me who are also trying  to do exactly the same. 

In the process of blogging, I have come across a lot of informative, inspiring, motivating and helpful articles and posts on blogging. After reading these, I came up with a few pointers of my own. I am posting them here for anyone who’s sailing in the same boat as me. First, let’s see what kind of a blogger are you…

There are various types of blogs and bloggers we come across. 

Types of Bloggers and How the beginner can benefit from these :

  1. Subject Experts : Some people who are experts in a particular subject (the subject could be anything ranging from language, cooking, health, fitness, art, DIY…anything under the sun which they are passionate about)) and are willing to share their knowledge and insights on the subject. These blogs could contain links, audios, videos etc. So, what can a beginner learn from them?? The way a topic is introduced, handled and presented to be precise. We are all learning and can always benefit from someone who’s been there and done that.
  2. The Entertainers : These are the type of bloggers who prefer to write on subjects which have a likelihood of more viewership. For instance, they write about movies, music, celebrities so on and so forth. Just the name of a celebrity attached to a post could attract a lot of traffic. But, it is not so easy to engage that traffic so they continue reading your post or make them come back to look for newer posts. One has to be up-to-date with the happenings in those fields, should have in-depth knowledge and  maybe some insider info to make the blog a hit. One thing that you can learn from them is that no matter what you are writing about, a well researched write-up is always preferred.
  3. The Minimalists: These are the type of bloggers who come up with a line or two each day. They don’t write long posts (like I’m doing now) or try to teach you anything They are very regular with their posts and they just leave you thinking for a while. “Food for Thought” is what I call such posts. Key thing to learn from this type of bloggers is that the length of the content is immaterial as long as the content has some material in it.
  4. The All Rounder: These are the type of bloggers who are basically “jack of all”s… just like me. Oh well, I didn’t complete the saying because the second part is not always true.  Don’t believe me?? Search the blogging arena you’ll find that 50% of the bloggers fall into this category. Huge competition there…!! These people write about anything that catches their fancy. The trick lies in keeping the reader engaged. Making it a little personal, a little humorous and adding some value by giving some useful info might just help you retain the visitor for a longer period or maybe even make them come for more.

I hope you related to this post or found it helpful in some way. In my next post, I will try to include a few points that I think might help beginners like me.

P.S: I am no expert. These are just my views. 

Happy Blogging…



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