A Beginner’s Take on Blogging – Part 2

Here I am friends with the my sequel…haha…It’s been a while since my last post. Reasons being..

  1. I didn’t want to write every single day.
  2. Been travelling.
  3. I found, not exactly found but tried something and really enjoyed doing it.

I found this Karaoke App called the “Star Maker”. It’s amazing. You sing your favorite numbers get ranked, liked, shared. It’s a good feeling. Music always does that u. Doesn’t it?? Anyways…so, the main topic of this blog was to give some pointers that I feel would help a new blogger like me. So, let’s get to it.


Pointers for Beginners:

  1. Pick a good topic: Picking a good topic to write about is very important. Something that inspires you or you are passionate about. That’s when you’ll be able to write from your heart and it really shows when u do.
  2. Title: Give a good title to your blog. It should be interesting and should be able to give the reader a fair idea as to what the blog is about.
  3. Create your own content : This I think is the most important thing. There is no topic in this world that hasn’t been dealt with or written about by others. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it. Read books, listen to music/audio, watch videos, go through other’s posts and articles, get inspired. But always and every time, add/present your twist/version to it.
  4. Be Regular : Being regular is a must with blogging. But don’t overdo it like I did initially. You will run out of topics and feel exhausted. That’s not something u want to happen.
  5. Read : Don’t just write a blog and post it. Read other blogs. You’ll learn a lot. Also like and leave some comments to encourage that blogger. Everybody likes appreciation. However good or bad. Maybe, they’ll visit your blog and like it too.
  6. Share : Share your posts on social media. The more you share it the more people it reaches. The more people it reaches the more people will read it.

There, I’ve listed down all the points that I think a new blogger should keep in mind. I hope this was helpful in someway.


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