The Power of Positive Thinking


Positive thinking is powerful. The impact of Positive Thinking on our lives is tremendous and in the recent years the concept of positive thinking and affirmations has gained huge popularity. So, what exactly is it?? Does it really work?? How?? If you ask me, it’s the art of seeing good in every situation and focusing on it. And yes, it does work. When you desire something, there are two possible outcomes. One, you get what you want and two you don’t. There’s this famous dialogue from the Hindi movie “Om Shanti Om”

“Kehte hain…agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho…to puri kainaat use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.” which means ” They say, if you truly desire something with all your heart…the whole universe works towards making it happen”

Human mind is very powerful. It has the ability to manifest what it desires. How does it work you say? Simple…What you give is what you get. For instance, there are two kids preparing for the exams, one keeps saying “I hope I don’t fail” and the other keeps saying “I wish I pass”. When the results are out, the first one flunks and the second one passes. Both of them wanted to pass, both of them put in equal efforts but the difference lie in the way they communicated their thoughts to the universe. While the first kid stressed on the word “Fail”, the second one stressed on the word “Pass”. So be very careful of what u say or think because your mind will not analyze your thoughts. It is not concerned with right or wrong. It will just pick up the strongest words from your thoughts and communicate them to the universe.

Can “Positive Thinking” be learnt or is it something you are born with. There are a few lucky ones who are born with such an attitude. The rest of us can definitely learn to be like them. It isn’t so hard if you aske me. It worked for me. I am a Cancerian and cancerians can be very very moody n pessimistic at times. There were times I used to give my 100% but wasn’t sure if I would make it or if I deserved it and the results were not as expected because although I put in as much as I could I sent wrong signals to the universe and similarly there have been times when I could not give my all (I still worked hard towards it with all my heart) but the outcome was terrific because I was pretty positive about it.

Let me actually tell you something that happened to me. When I was expecting my daughter, the due date given was 8th of August. Sex determination is illegal in India. So, nobody knows for sure if it is a boy or girl. But, I was very sure it’s going to be a girl. So sure that I even bought little frocks for her before she was born. And true to my belief it was a girl. A beautiful, sweet little baby girl. I have wavy hair but am very fond of straight hair. And so, I would visualize my daughter with silky straight hair and my daughter does have silky straight hair. Isn’t that awesome. I am very much into zodiac compatibility and stuff. So, when the doctor told me the due date is gonna be Aug 8th, I wasn’t too happy. I always told myself my daughter is going to be a Cancerian n not a Leo. Anybody who’s into zodiacs would know Cancer-Leo don’t get along too well. But Cancer-Cancer get along really well. And this too turned out to be true. She was born on the 18th of July a full 21 days before the due date. Some may call it coincidence but I know otherwise.

The whole point of narrating this is to emphasize the power of positive thinking. If  our thoughts can influence something as unpredictable as child birth, they can influence pretty much anything in life. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

All you have to do is. Make up your mind, work hard towards it and keep telling yourself it’s going to happen no matter what. Believe in it and it will manifest. Positive Thinking has the ability to effect your

  1. General Happiness
  2. Day to day events
  3. Physical health
  4. Mental health
  5. Career
  6. Relationships….pretty much everything under the sun. So, be happy and be positive. 











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