The “Me Too Movement” in Bollywood


The whole Tanushree Dutta episode has brought forth the sorry state our country and the most revenue generating industry of our country “Bollywood” is in. What happened to Tanushree Dutta isn’t an isolated incident. It happens all the time but most of the time the actresses keep mum fearing an end to their career which more often than not is true.

People say, “what took her 10yrs to talk?”. They forget that she spoke but was frowned at and dismissed for speaking. What took her 10yrs to resurface with the issue is probably the “Me too Movement” that began in Hollywood and migrated towards Bollywood like everything else that starts in the West and travels to our country.

When I saw her interview. I could completely relate to each and every word she says. The way our society eyes women specially actresses as if they are public property just because they chose the visual media as their career. Not only men but women in our country have the same mindset. When a victim speaks up they are like “Iss ne hi kuch kiya hoga…Iss ne usko badhava diya hoga..mard to mard hota hai”. The parents of boys should first teach them to be respectful towards women before anything else. When they themselves can’t do it, what will they teach??

The most appalling thing I noticed in the Tanushree incident is the reaction of so called “Bollywood Icons” and “Bollywood Legends” who supposedly support women empowerment. Completely detached and completely evasive. Why shuld I bother myself when it doesn’t relate to “Me or My Family”. Wud their reaction be the same if it were a member of their family instead of Tanushree Dutta. Definitely not. They wud have made sure “Nana” wud never get an offer and die a silent death. But…Tanushree isn’t their she?? She’s just some girl who won the “Miss Universe” title for the country n moved into Bollywood hoping and dreaming to be the next Sushmita or Aishwarya(apparently even these “politically correct” actors chose to remain silent on the issue).

The whole industry offers lip service on useless issues. But when it comes to holding the hand of a girl who has suffered in the industry, only a handful have the courage n conviction. Must applaud Farhan Akhtar for being so vocal on the issue. People only talk about the time elapsed but do they try to understand what the victim must have gone through. Maybe she was just waiting for a little push which she got now with “The Me Too Movement” doing the rounds all over the world. People ask the poor journalist why she kept mum n came out in support now. Do you think the print media is any more pious than the visual media?? Do you really think they would have printed her story??

Agreed…Nana Patekar is a very famous and an award winning actor but does that give him a character certificate?? Absolutely not. U cannot judge an actor by the characters he/she plays. Why do people confuse the on-screen persona to the real person?? Shouldn’t we give Tanushree a benefit of doubt?? Shouldn’t we at least listen to her before passing a judgement??


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